Thanks to zhanjiang municipal party committee secretary Wei Hongguang rate research leadership to huaqiang group visit guidance發布時間:2016-04-26

On April 6, 2016, zhanjiang municipal party committee secretary Wei Hongguang research led to lianjiang industrial park and people's livelihood project construction work, emphasize the lianjiang to centralized superior resources, optimizing the industrial park layout planning, one by one to advance construction, enhance the level of investment facilitation, unswervingly promote the new industrialization and industrial park capacity synergies, set up the development of new standard
Zhanjiang municipal party committee secretary Wei Hongguang, zhanjiang municipal committee oliver wu, zhanjiang, deputy director of the National People's Congress standing committee of the municipal party committee secretary general prahalad, vice mayor of zhanjiang xiao-dong zhuang and other leaders, leadership of the lianjiang Chen Guangxiang, Wu Qunzhong, Li Shidong, Lin Yuchun, Chen Ruiqun, GuanWeiRong, owner, Chen Diancong, Lv Xue, accompanied by Chen Yade and others, came to foshan shunde (lianjiang) industrial transfer park guangdong huaqiang electronics group co., LTD., to carry out the investigation, detailed understanding of the park planning and construction, supporting infrastructure, and so on and so forth。

Huaqiang electrical appliances as a national high-tech enterprise, after more than 20 years development, huaqiang electronics has grown into one of the leading enterprises in the lianjiang electrical appliances, with independent intellectual property rights of high-end products successfully enter the international market. Accompanied by huaqiang electrical Liu Xizhang chairman, a line of research team leader on our company product research and development, manufacture, sales, and so on and so forth the understanding.
Assembly shop


Storage warehouse

Liu Xizhang chairman to research leaders introduced the huaqiang introduced international advanced automation intelligent production equipment, and said we will adhere to the made in China 2025 programme of action, strives for perfection, strive to achieve zero defect products;

Wei Hongguang secretary for the achievements of our company, and encourage enterprises to continue to increase the intensity of product research and development, keeping innovation, trying to grasp more key technologies, promote enterprise's core competitiveness, achieve better development

Wei Hongguang secretary to lianjiang good development momentum, and put forward guidance on how to speed up the development of lianjiang. Lianjiang, he says, the obvious achievements have been made in the construction of industrial park, to continue to speed up infrastructure construction, speed up the investment promotion and capital introduction, form the industrial concentration, attract more powerful enterprises. To adhere to park as the carrier, perfect supporting functions, optimize the function layout, speed up project construction, drive gear status; To concentrate energy to park, financial resources and material resources into park to park tilt, agglomeration development zone. At the same time, the government must strengthen the service consciousness, enhance the government service management ability, improve the government affairs environment, building the rule of law and facilitation business environment; Enterprises should boldly put forward your requirements to the government, prompting the government to continue to improve the investment environment, the enterprise bigger and stronger together, one of the leading enterprises in the industry. Wei secretary stressed, lianjiang cannot meet on the county economy ranked first in the zhanjiang various counties (city, area), while unswervingly promote the new industrialization construction, to set up the new post, should have the courage to look to the pearl river delta region, efforts to achieve the yuexi region, the vanguard of the northwest county economic development of guangdong。