Celebrate automobil electronics store brand shop 】 【 huaqiang group grand opening發布時間:2016-05-06

Spring rain started falling, the enthusiasm of the people to resist the home appliance, guangdong huaqiang electronics group co., LTD., has a great event, is located in guangdong shunde beijiao automobil electronics store huaqiang group brand shop has grand opening on March 18, warmly welcome new and old customers to visit!

Automobil electronics store based in shunde, adjacent to the guangfo circle, facing the whole country; With the linkage of the exhibition, and implementation of the combination of offline and online way to trade and new trade form, marked the development of household appliances in shunde and even the whole country channel will open a new page

Huaqiang group conform to the development of society, timely seize the opportunity to meet new challenges, relying on the automobil electronics store platform, will usher in a new leap and development. Famous brand brand shop is located in huaqiang group of automobil electronics store on the first floor hall, occupied the south entrance of feng shui treasure, in the main by the south entrance door is easily visible

Shunde confortec ongoing, huaqiang electronics group series of products has been hot, rice cooker, electric pressure cooker, electric kettle and so on the new flagship product, huaqiang electric fan, huaqiang new members such as induction cooker, electric TaoLu also is ready to accept eight merchants visit






        Sincerely thank you for your valued customers visit, also sincerely invite more new and old customers to visit the guidance!

Remember to long press fingerprint identification qr code below pay attention to our public, in succession to the latest information. Huaqiang group of automobil electronics store brand stores are looking forward to your arrival!